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Diaspora is a distributed, open source social network platform in development.

Recently it has become pretty usable even for end-users. Recent events in Nymwars cause flocks of people to move over from Google+, and recent user interface changes make lot of people move over from Facebook, so the population is growing.



Mailing lists

Public pods



  • All kinds of TLS/SSL problems
    • mail send doesn't work, no error: probably tls verification or smtp auth problem

Features / Design

  • security/filtering fatures for daddies
    • filtering specific hashtags
    • filtering given aspects (stream BUT NOT aspect1 AND aspect2)
  • global searching for unique things: guid, ?
  • global searching for widely used resources: hashtags, keywords (full text search), ?
  • global searching for non-unique but low duplicate things: usernames, ?
    • population count, pod count as a search piggyback?
    • DHT for publishing pods, users, ...?
  • security
    • public keys for pods
    • known pods and new pods
    • avoid injected flood (posts, comments)
    • avoid mass-spamming (targeting large amounts of pods)
    • avoid user data gathering?
    • avoid mass replying on existing global searches (fake responses)
    • ability to block pods, users
      • killfile? user-local? pod-local? automatic voting mechanism?
  • RightToLeave (along with history)
    • message editing and its propagation
    • message deletion and its propagation
  • Propagating public posts beteen pods (pods requesting posts after an id; pods registering into the mesh as public post receivers; putting X in an aspect registers on X's pod as public receiver)
    • incremental update of whatever messages (aspect waiting due to pod crash, public posts, old posts of people newly sharing with users on other pods, etc); requestor should be able to pull, not otherwise

Other stuff

  • Your KeyPair is your identity, save them, keep them or you cannot claim your possession in on the network anymore.